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Miscellaneous services

Article reviews and artwork critique

Many people need to review an article or answer a set of questions based on some reading. That service is offered here. You can upload your article through our on-line system and our writers will read the entire piece to complete your writing assignment as requested. We also employ Arts majors who specialize in professional artwork (paintings, sculptures, photography, etc.) critiques.

Admission essays & applications

Admission essays, applications and resumes constitute a separate service provided by our company. We employ expert writers who are specially reserved for these particular projects as they cannot be entrusted to just any writer out there. Our clients order those because they require results and our professionals have experience that is significant enough to guarantee them. An admission essay or resume is not just any project because one's future career is at stake. Thus, the projects of such type are prepared strategically to portray the applicant in the best light possible keeping it within professional and ethical boundaries. That process is normally preceded by extensive personality and background analysis performed by our consultants.

Case studies

Case studies are typical college writing assignments that our writers can assist with. All you have to do is provide us with the actual text of your assignment which can be easily done if you have your project in a text file (upload or e-mail). If you have it printed out on paper, you can either fax it or scan and upload as a file. Our writers will compose a quality project based on the text. We accept case-studies in all academic and professional fields.

Grant proposals

Grant writing is done by grant preparation professinals who have excellent track record preparing grant proposals that get supported. Just like any document on that level, a grant must be prepared flawlessly providing concise and comprehensive description of your program, setting clear objectives and realistic budget for each part of the program. All that can be carried out by our experts.

Website content writing and development

Web content has to be original and enriched with keywords so that search engines can find your important pages and fetch them to visitors. We write web content for all types of websites, regardless of your industry.

Editing or proofreading

Editing and proofreading requests are handled by our team of essay and term paper writers and you won't have to pay the full fee which will result in great savings. A professional will proofread your existing paper and will rewrite or rephrase ineffective areas found in your work.

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Browns Mills, New Jersey, United States
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